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What Color Describes Your Personality?


1. Your art teacher tells the class she needs 10 minutes to comes up with the day’s project. You:
a. Are so excited you can hardly sit still! You love, love, love art!
b. Kill some time by drawing a huge sun surrounded by white clouds.
c. Ask the teacher if you can help. If she’s that busy, she may need a hand!
d. Make a few suggestions, like going outside to collect things for a nature project!
1. 美术老师告诉同学们如需要10分钟想想今天布置什么课外作业。你:
a. 激动得坐不住了!你对美术可是爱、爱、爱不完呀!
b. 画了一轮巨大的太阳,周围白云朵朵。时间久这样打发过去了。
c. 问老师自己能帮她做点什么。如果她那么忙,可能需要帮手哦!
d. 提了几条建议,例如外出收集素材,画一幅自然画!

2. Your team just lost the soccer game – again! You’re definitely going to:
a. Write about this in your journal! You’ll probably end up doodling pictures, too.
b. Give your team a pep talk. You can do better! You just need to apply yourselves more.
c. Go out for pizza with your friends anyway. Why stress about it? You’ll win finally!
d. Practice really hard. You know if you put in the effort, your team will be good!
2. 你们足球队又输了!你肯定会:
a. 在日记里记一笔!很可能最后生气地在本子上胡涂一气。
b. 召集队员给他们打气,只要投入点精力,你们可以做得更好!
c. 照样和朋友们去吃披萨,何不放松一点?你们总会赢的!
d. 特刻苦地训练。你知道如果你加把劲,你的球队就会令人刮目相看!

3. Your two BFFs are in a huge fight, and they’re shouting at each other! You decided to:
a. Do a cartwheel and start singing. Maybe they’ll laugh and realize they’re being totally stupid!
b. Write down what they’re saying so you can perform it later to show them how mean they were to each other.
c. Remind them that you all love each other and there’s no reason to fight. Someone needs to be the voice of reason!
d. Let them work it out on their own. Friends fight sometimes! It will all work out in the end.
3. 你的两个好友大吵了起来,相互骂个不停!你决定:
a. 翻个跟头,然后哼起小曲,也许他们会被逗乐,意识到他们这样吵愚蠢可笑!
b. 把两个的话都记下来,之后给他们表演表演,让他们看看自己如此对待朋友有多不厚道。
c. 提醒两人你们之间的友爱,有什么理由要大吵呢。总是有人必要时说点理智的话吧!
d. 让他们自己解决。朋友之间总有吵架的时间,最后都没事儿的。

4. You just own $100. You:
a. Have no idea how you’ll use the money. There’s not much you want – you can have fun, with or without cash!
b. Plan to put it in the bank. You always save money from birthdays and holidays. Got to plan for the future!
c. Can’t wait to go to the mall! You’ve been eyeing an outfit, complete with shoes and jewelry.
d. Will probably spend it, without thinking twice, the first time you see something that looks really cool!
4. 你刚刚有了100块钱。你:
a. 拿不定主意怎么花。你没什么想要的东西,有没有钱你都可以找到事儿乐!
b. 准备把它存进银行里。生日、节假日得的前你都存着,你要为以后打算!
c. 会迫不及待地去商场!早就看中一件外套了,还有鞋和首饰。
d. 可能会把它花掉,你第一眼看中什么就毫不犹豫地把它买下来。

5. Everyone has to give a 10-minute speech in history – in front of the whole class! You spend:
a. Most of the day helping your friends. You want to make sure everyone does a good job!
b. Your allowance on new clothes. If you’re going to stand in front of the class, you’re going to look your best!
c. Way more than 10 minutes on your speech. You get so excited when you get in front of the room!
d. About 30 minutes preparing the night before. You’ll come up with a lot of it on the spot. That’s how you roll!
5. 每个人都要在班上就历史话题发表10分钟的演讲!你:
a. 花大半天的时间帮朋友们做,希望每个人都出色完成任务!
b. 用零花钱买件新的外套。这可是要站在全班同学的面前,你要穿出最好的自己!
c. 你的演讲大大超过了10分钟,因为你一站在人群里就会异常激动。
d. 在陈诉前的晚上花了半个小时准备,到时候上场你还会想出很多要说的。这就是你,总能滔滔不绝!

1. a:4 b:1 c:2 d:3
2. a:3 b:4 c:1 d:2
3. a:4 b:3 c:2 d:1
4. a:1 b:2 c:3 d:4
5. a:2 b:3 c:4 d:1

5-8 Point
Mellow yellow
  You are a total kid of sunshine! Easygoing, you don’t get nervous when things go wrong. You see the best in people and you’re optimistic about the future. You always brighten everyone’s day!

9-12 Point
  Brightly green
  You’re the kind of person everyone can depend on! You stay cool under pressure, you’re responsible, and you always look out for people. With a big heart and skill like yours, you should consider running for student council!

13-16 Point
  Purely purple
  Purely is the color of royalty and you are definitely regal – especially when it comes to style! You know how to think outside the box. When someone needs an original idea, they come to you. You’d be great at theater or art!
13-16 Point

17-20 Point
  Radically red
  Active and hearty, you are red though and through! You get excited about things easily – and you know how to get other people pumped, too. When you want something, you go for it! But best of all, you’re totally loyal to your friends!