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       Looking for an escape? Or just an opportunity to daydream? Here’s a list of amazing place to put on your bucket list. Whether you crave white-sand beaches, masterpieces of art, mountains of historic ruins, there will be a location here that will make you swoon.

1.Salvador, Brazil  巴西的萨尔瓦多
      The third-largest city in Brazil, Salvador, is also called the “capital of happiness.” known for its citywide outdoor parties, which culminate in the Carnival in the spring, the city is a cultural jewel. Divide your daylight hours between tours of the historic colonial city and trips to the turquoise blue waters surrounding Salvador’s 50miles of beaches. At night, enjoy the renowned local cuisine while watching a performance of Capoeira, a mix of dance and martial arts.
2.Ushuaia, Argentina  阿根廷的乌斯怀亚
      The last port for ships headed to Antarctica, Ushuaia is the gateway to the end of the world. Known for having the longest ski season in South America, it’s perfect for snow bunnies as well as adventure-seekers looking to hike on the glacier el martial, which creeps up to the base of the city. In the summer, the vistas over the deep blue waters of the beagle channel, a shipping route, are simply breathtaking.
3.Welling, New Zealand  新西兰的惠灵顿
       The capital of New Zealand, Wellington is a walkable city nestled between a mountain range and an occasion. The city itself boasts many attractions, including a famous zoo. But many tourists choose to take day trips outside of the city to see the magnificent landscapes where “the lord of the rings” was filmed.
4.Cartagena, Colombia 哥伦比亚的卡塔赫纳
       First settled in 4000 B.C and later conquered by the Spanish in 1533, this Colombian city is a wonder of ancient archaeological sites and colonial architecture. Not-to-be missed sites include the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, a 16th century fortress; the Gold Museum, which features pre-Columbian gold relics; and the sunsets over Caratgena Harbor, which looks out over the Caribbean Sea.
5.Huatulco and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 墨西哥的瓦图尔科和卡波圣卢卡斯
       Situated near nine bays that protect 36miles of white-sand beaches, Huatulco is the place to go in Mexico if you want to avoid spring break mayhem. Consisting not only of coastline but also huge swaths of jungles ideal for bird watching, the town is a tropical oasis. When you go, try the local Oaxacan cuisine, which is best known for mole, a sauce consisting of chilies and chocolate.
       A haven to Hollywood stars, Cabo San Lucas boasts not only gorgeous people but also many natural wonders including EL Arco rock arch. Spend your time there relaxing with fresh margaritas, kayaking, playing golf or scuba diving with whale sharks in the majestic Pacific Ocean.