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       A Hua from Fukuoka County started to get up at six every morning to cook breakfast in the kitchen at age of 5.

       She had busy daily routines. In the morning, she needed to wash her face, brush her teeth, feed the dog, take a walk, wash her hands, make some Miso soup, eat breakfast, play the piano, use the toilet and go to the kindergarten. After she got home, she had to hang the washing out, fold clothes, wash the basin, clean house, tidy the wardrobe and pack her own clothes… Sometimes, when her dad got home late, she would cook dinner for him.
       Daughters are such sweet things to their parents! But how come such a little girl had to do so many chores? The story dates back to 2001.
       In the summer of 2001, the girl’s father Shingo and mother Chieko got married. Chieko was suffering from breast cancer at that time. After the painful treatment, she got cured and then pregnant with a baby girl miraculously. The precious baby girl brought their family endless happiness. “To have a baby girl proves my living in this world.” Chieko said, “I consider ger more important than myself. She is my precious baby.”
       However, happy days never last forever. Cancer re-emerged when her baby was only nine month old. In order to cure the disease and make the baby grow up healthily, their family started to keep early hours.
       As the time went by, the baby became such a sensible girl. Chieko started to think what was the most important thing she needed to teach her daughter. She said to her, “Baby, cooking is essentially related to our living so I need to teach you how to cook and how to do the house chores. Study is less important. I only want you to have a health body and can live by yourself. No matter where you go and what you do in do in the future, you can live a good life.”
       Chieko said, “ I let her do everything she is capable of, so that one day if I were gone, she wouldn’t be seriously affected. If she takes off her clothes without folding it, I would pass it back to her and ask her to fold it herself. I don’t help her to prepare for kindergarten. And I always ask her to help with the house chores. I hope my daughter could survive even if she were alone.”
       Chieko started to teach her daughter to cook before the latter turned four. Although it was a little bit early for the young girl, Chieko felt it necessary. She thought that a kid who could cook would survive wherever he/she may go.
       In 2008, Chieko passed away, leaving her 5-year-old daughter and her husband behind.
       Now, the girl is eleven years old.
       She said, “Mom, I want to tell you something. I can cook all the hentoos by myself! I never speak ill of others and I never forget to smile because you taught me to. However hard life may be, I believe I can make it. I don’t cry anymore.”