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参 观 工 厂
Looking Around the Factory


factory director 厂长                            improve 改进
method 方法                                   efficiency 工作效率
productivity 生产力                             working conditions 工作环境、关况
or so 大约                                     catalog 样本
flow production 大量生产                        shoot up 激增
sell like hotcakes 热销                           start rolling (on) 开始做……
pamphlet 小册子                                yearly production 年产量
quality control 质量管理                          system 体系

We’ll drive to my company’s factory, which is about 45 minutes from here.
The tour will take about an hour and a half. We ought to be back here by 3:00.
We’ll start with an orientation video. It runs about 15 minutes.
Broadly speaking, we make two kinds of things: kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaners.
Our company’s one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of integrated circuits, and we have offices in every major country.
As far as technology is concerned, we believe we are among the best in the world.
We’ve been able to improve…我们一直在改进……
That’s sure to …那必然会……
Compared to…these are (more)…与……相比,这些……(比较)……
We opened/were founded (built) in 1990. 我们的公司于1990年创立。
We went pubic in 1990.



I want to look around your factory. 我想看看你们工厂。
I’d like to take a look around your factory.
I’d like to go and visit your factory.
Would you mind showing me around your factory?
Would you do me a favor leads me to look around your factory?
I’d be very glad to look around your factory.
I will appreciate if I can take a look around your factory.
I would be honored if you can show me around your factory.


Lead on please. 请带路吧。
Please step this way. 请往这儿走。
Let me show you around the factory. 我带你到工厂各处走走。
On behalf of all our workers, I welcome you to our plant.


Shall I give you a general picture of our factory before we see the workshops?
Could you tell me how many workers you employ here?
Can you show us your machines? 能不能给我们看一下你们的机器。
May I ask what your production capacity is? 你们的生产能力是多少?
Where do you get raw materials? 你们的原材料是从哪儿购进的?
We’d like to give you a complete picture of our operation.
May I show you our catalogue? 要不要看我们的产品目录?
May I show you our brochure? 要不要看一下我们的宣传册?
Please take this brochure, which explains products made here.
What can I tell you about our operations? 关于我们的作业,你想了解哪些呢?
We have continually upgraded our products while also producing them at a faster rate.
We have some reports to show you for background information.
I’d like to explain what makes this factory special.
It’s the most up-to-date in the Industry. 这是业界最新型的。
I’m not familiar with that part. Let me call someone who is more knowledgeable.
We’ve increased our efficiency by20% through automation.
About600 employees in the plant, and 200 in the office.
Let’s finish by going to the conference room where I can answer your questions.
We’ve spent a great deal of money on equipment in this plant.


We’d like you t give us your honest opinion including any suggestions you may have for improvements.
Is there anything you’d like to know?
Is there anything I can explain fully?
What did you think of our factories?
Having seen the showroom and our factory, what’s your overall impression?


Dialogue 1

A: Good morning, Mike.                       A: 早上好,迈克。
B: Good morning, Miss Li.                     B: 早上好,李小姐。
A: Today we will visit our company, and I will     A: 今天我们要参观我们的公
   Translate for you. I hope you will have a          司,我会为你翻译。我希
   Mainly idea about our company.                 在参观之后你能对我们公
B: That’s OK!                               B: 好的。
A: This way please. And would you please put on   A: 这边请。请你们穿上工作
   These work clothes and safety helmet?            服、戴上安全帽可以吗?
B: Certainly. You are thoughtful.                 B: 当然可以。你们想得很周
A: Here are some brochures. They will give you a   A: 这里有几本小册子,这些会
   brief account of our company.                   让你们对我们厂有个大概的
B: Oh, they are well printed.                    B: 哦,这些小册子印刷得很精
A: Thank you! Now let’s go to the workshop.      A: 谢谢。让我们去车间吧。

Dialogue 2

A: Do you remember Mr. Zhao, our factory        A: 还记得我们厂长,赵先生吧?
B: Of course. Good to see you again, Mr. Zhao.     B: 当然。赵先生,很高兴再见
C: Good to see you, Mr. Bush. I welcome you      C: 很高兴见到你,布什先生。
   To our factory.                欢迎你来参观。
B: Thank you. I’ve heard that you’ve been         B: 谢谢主。我听说你们改变了
   Changing the factory.             工厂。
C: Yes. We make many things better now.          C: 是,许多事情改善了许多。
A: We’ve been able to improve our production   A: 从你上次来到现在,我们已
   Methods since the last time you were here.     经改进了生产方式;我们把
   We changed from batch production to flow     分批生产的方式改为大最生
   Production.                 产
B: That’s sure to improve your efficiency and       B: 这样必定能文库进效率和生
   productivity.                 产力。
C: We also have computers helping us as part of     C: 我们现在生产系统中还有电
   the production system.             脑帮忙。
A: Right. The computer system helps us check       A: 对,我们有个电脑系统专门
   productivity. Let us show you around the      检查生产力。让我们带你四
   factory, so you can get a good idea of how     处看看,你也好了解一下工
   things work.                 厂的作业情形。


Dialogue 1

A: Would you like to have a look our showroom?     A: 你想看我们的样品间吗? 
B: Yes, I am eager to take a look at it.               B: 是的,特别想参观一下。
A: OK. I’ll show you around.                     A:  好的,我来给你带路吧。
B: It’s really great!                B: 太好了!
A: Where shall we go first?            A: 从哪里开始好呢?
B: If you give me an introduction ,will it take you   B: 如果你一一介绍的话,要花
much time?                  不少时间吗?
A: I suppose you might be interested in machine      A: 我想你也许对工作母机感兴
 tools. how about staring from them?        趣,那我们从工作母机开始
B: Good, As for other products, let’s just have a    B: 好啊。其他的产品逛逛就可
  look at them.                  以了。

Dialogue 2

A: I think that’s everything. Is there anything         A: 我想就这些了。你还想看些
   else you’d like to see?              什么?
B: No. That’s enough.               B: 不,已经足够了。
A: Would you like to have a break with a cup         A: 要不要休息一下,来杯茶?
   of tea?
B: I’m glad to .Thank you.            B: 非常乐意。谢谢。
A: It’s my pleasure.               A: 我很荣幸。
B: Oh, may I ask any questions about the       B: 哦,我可以问一些技术方面
  technique?                   的问题吗?
A: I’m not familiar about that part. Let me call    A: 我对那部分不太熟悉。让我
   Mr. Tang who has it at his fingers.         唐先生叫来,他对那部分很
B: Thank you very much.             B: 非常感谢。



        参观项目概况尽可能事先发书面材料给参观者以节约参观介绍的时间。如来宾要拍照,需事先向其解释有无禁止摄影的规定。遇到不让摄影的项目,应事先说明,并在现场 竖立中文及外文的说明标志。
        结合工厂实际情况,应适时提醒来宾注意事项。如“You’ll have to wear this hard hat for the tour”,“Watch your step”,“You need this for security”,或“It’s very important not to touch the machinery”。对外宾提出的问题,接待者不甚了解时,应说“I’m not familiar with that point. Let me call someone who is more knowledgeable.”
        在参观过程中,应尽量给外宾留出充足的时间,可以提示说“We still have plenty of time, so if there’s some place you’d like to stop by, please don’t hesitate to ask”。在参观完之后,应礼貌性地问客人是否还有别的地方想看,如“Is there anything else you’d like to see?”还可以询问来宾对工厂的印象如何,如“What did you think of our factory?”或“What’s your overall impression?”