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Ander the Giant

       All-Star Andre lguodala is using dominant defence and a high basketball IQ to shine in his new home.
       全明星球员安德烈 伊戈达拉,凭借其卓越的防守能力和高超的篮球智商,在新球队里成为了出类拔萃的人物。
       Andre lguodala prefers to keep a low profile in public, especially when he’s just trying to buy a box of his favorite cereal. But at 6’6’’, 207 pounds, it isn’t always easy for Iguodala to go unnoticed. During a recent trip to the supermarket. lguodala, wearing a hat and a sweatshirt, kept his head down and avoided attention until he was found by a Denver Nuggets fan near the checkout line. What he heard actually made him smile. “He told me he is happy I’m with Denver now,” lguodala recalls. “That’s what I’ve been hearing a lot, ‘I’m glad you’re here.’ ”
       安德烈 伊戈达拉在公共场合喜欢保持低调,在他去买一盒他最喜欢的麦片的时候尤其如此。但对于身高6英尺6英寸、体重207磅的伊戈达拉来说,不引人注意是不容易的。在最近一次去超市的时候,伊戈达拉戴着帽子,穿着汗衫,低着头以免引起公众的注意。但站在收银台附近的一位丹佛掘金对粉丝认出了他。听到粉丝的话,他笑了。“他告诉我,很高兴我现在是丹佛掘金对的一员了。” 伊戈达拉回忆道,“我也经常听到人们对我说:‘欢迎你加盟掘金对。’”
       Denver opened its arms to lguodala after the Nuggets acquired the 29-year-old guard-forward in last August in a four-team blockuster trade. While most of the attention was on other players involved in the deal, namely centers Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum, lguodala was the underrated gem. He is a do-everything impact player and the best perimeter defender in the NBA.
       去年八月,在涉及四支球队的重磅交易中,掘金队获得了这位29岁的锋位。之后,丹佛向伊戈达拉张开了双臂。然而,大部分人只注意到此次交易中的其他球员,如中锋德怀特 霍华德和安德鲁 拜纳姆,而伊戈达拉是被低估的宝石。在NBA,他是一个全能的冲击型球员、最好的外线防守球员。
       “His versatility helps us tremendously,” Nuggets head coach George Karl says. “I think it’s a win-win for him and the team.“
       掘金队的主教练乔治 卡尔说:“他的多才多艺给予了我们极大的帮助。我想,这次交易对他和球队来说是个双赢。”

Taking Center Stage 进入舞台中心
       Iguodala’s NBA career started in 2004, when the Philadelphia 76ers drafted him as a sidekick for scoring champ Allen Iverson. lguodala was comfortable playing a supporting role. Growing up in Springfield, Illinois, as a Chicago Bulls fan, lguodala modeled his game after Michael Jordan’s right-hand man, Scottie Pippen.
       伊戈达拉的NBA职业生涯开始于2004年,当时,费城76人队选中了他作为得分王艾佛森的助手。伊戈达拉乐于接受配角的角色。伊戈达拉生长在伊利诺伊州的斯普林菲尔德,是芝加哥公牛队球迷,他曾以迈克 乔丹的得力助手斯科蒂 皮蓬为榜样。
       In Philly, lguodala earned a reputation as a team player who created havoc with his defense and was a solid secondary scoring option. But the expectations changed in 2006 after Iverson was traded to the Nuggets. lguodala became the face of the 76ers’ franchise.
       Even though he led the team to the layoffs in four of the past five seasons, lguodala didn’t drop 30-plis points every night like his flashy predecessor, and that was a lot down to many Philadelphia fans. “Sometimes it felt like what I did was never enough,” lguodala says. “I had a great time in Philly, but I realize I was playing to prove people wrong instead of really enjoying the game.”
       There has been a learning curve in Denver—lguodala still has to master the team’s dribble-drive offense—but he is reenergized since joining the Nuggets and, more importantly, is back to having fun. “Coach Karl has given me a lot of freedom to play my game while learning his system,” says lguodala. “My confidence is the highest it’s been a while.”

Student of the Game 学习比赛
       One of the biggest challenges of lguodala’s move to a new home was finding room for his book collection. An avid reader, lguodala takes lessons from different sources and applies them to basketball. lguodala says, “The more you practice doing whatever it is you want to succeed in, the more you attract others who want to do it well. You’ll be around the best.”
       Anyone who shares a curt with lguodala is around one of the best defensive stoppers in the league. He has achieved this status by putting in lots of work. lguodala studies game film, memorizes players’ moves, and pours over data. It’s why scorers such as Dallas Mavericks guard O.J. Mayo and admit, “Andre is the Guy I hate playing the most.”
       lguodala ia like a one-man scouting report with detailed insights on just about forward shoot in the league. Listen to him talk about New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, with whom he won a gold medal at last summer’s Olympics:” Carmelo has a quick first step and can shoot. You can’t let him get past you. Guys bounce off of him, and that’s how he creates space for a shot.”
       伊戈达拉像是单人球探报告,对联赛中的几乎每一个球员都有细致入微的观察。听听他是怎么谈论同他在上届奥运会一起获得金牌的纽约尼克斯对前锋卡梅隆 安东尼的:“卡梅隆起步很快,投篮准。不能让他过你。他会把别人撞开,这样就为自己的投篮创造了空间。”
       Defensive wisdom like that delights Karl, who wants lguodala to mentor his younger teammates. “He can really helps us, not only on the floor but also in the locker room, helping our guys develop and understand the game,” says Karl.
       It’s a task lguodala is more than up for. “I really do feel like this is a great fit for me,” he says. “There’s a lot of work to do, but I’m so happy to be here.”