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From geek to chic: why being nerdy is now cool

       Geek has turned chic. The nerd world has undergone a massive makeover, and in the meantime conquered contemporary mainstream media.
       Previously identified by thick horn-rimmed glasses, suspenders, and a high stack of textbooks, the nerds of today barely resemble the nerds of the golden years. From Urkel, the nerdy comic relief from the hit 80’s show Family Matters with his nasal voice and memorable dance moves, to Tony Stark’s super-smart, robotic, suave, lady-killing ways, the image of geekiness has drastically been transformed.
      “Nobody’s getting stuffed in lickers for being a fan of comic books anymore,” said Rob Spittall, owner and manager of The Comic Book Shoppe. “in the past five years I’ve gone from a large to an extra-large shirt being the best selling to a small or medium…The stereotype of being a geek and the clientele are changing. Many will declare themselves as a geek or nerd as they’re coming through the door…none if them fit the high school definition of it.”
       The Comic Book shoppe---which turned 13years old, is noticing a more widespread demographic than ever, Spittall said. “Personal trainers, ravers, suits…We’ve got a little bit of everything coming in the door and all of them will declare themselves a geek or that have definitely blurred from what it was.”
       But what has caused this sudden shift to nerd pride? “Shows like The Big Bang Theory have made it more socially acceptable,” Spittall said, and he’s not alone.
       Ian Nagy, a Carleton professor who specializes in pop culture, said he feels the same way, “Shows like The Big Bang Theory really demonstrate the sort of ‘mainstream’ or common place if geeks within modern pop culture,” he said.
      “The geek has not changed. Films are the best explanation for this change,” Spittall said. “Hollywood brought nerds out, making them more socially acceptable.”
       But Hollywood’s new love of comics is making geek culture more than acceptable; it’s becoming something successful.
       But the geeks aren’s just ruling the box office; now they’re taking over the award shows too. The Big Bang Theory, Chuck Lorre’s hit show about three physicists, an engineer and a blonde, has been racking up awards since it started in 2007. The show, now in its sixth season, has garnered 18 Emmy nods and two wins, a Golden Globe and numerous other accolades.
       Lars Konzack, a Danish game studies theorists,wrote a paper about geek culture entitled, “Geek Culture: The 3rd counter culture.” In it, he said that geek culture is its heart an intellectual movement.
      “One might have argued earlier that Geek Culture was Obscure, but nowadays seems to represent mainstream,” he said in the paper.
       His paper follows geek culture from its beginnings to today, in light of rapidly advancing technology, where Konzack remarks that “geek culture is rapidly changing how culture and aesthetics are perceived in our society.”
      It doesn’t look like the geek world plans to slow down. You could say it’s on a mission, to explore strange new life; new civilizations; or to boldly go where no fan has gone before.