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Handicapped people overcoming obstacles to become great

       I remember, as a kid growing up, attending school with a kid who had no arms and one fake leg. His name was Chris and I will never forget him. He attended school with me and my brother and had a strong personality. Outside of his handicap, he was really a pretty normal kid. He attended most of the same classed and many of the same friends. But he had to overcome way more obstacles than myself and most other kids at our school. Chris is just one story of many.

       We have all probably either heard about or seen the movie, Door to Door with William Macy about a salesman from Portland, Oregon named Bill Porter. Bill Porter is a real person who has cerebral palsy and can barely make out sentences, yet built a very loyal customer base selling products door to door. If you have not seen the movie and you have an interest in sales, network marketing or being successful, I highly recommend that you rent this film or buy it from your local video store.

       This evening I watched a 60 Minutes segment on a man with no legs or arms who has become a motivational speaker and is changing the lives of many in his home country of Australia. When I think of handicapped people overcoming great obstacles, I cannot help but think of Stephen Hawking who is a famous theoretical physicist. Stephen has been confined to a wheelchair for most of his life. Yet, he has made startling revelations regarding our planet in relation to the universe and his most famous revelation relating to black holes emitting radiation, which has been declared “Hawking radiation”.

       Another that comes to mind is a former American President Franklin D. Roosevelt who served in the White House from 1933-1945 and is the only US President who served more than 2 terms, all while he was paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair. I’m sure most of us heard the name of Helen Keller. She was deaf and blind from birth, and managed to finish college, and went on to become a world famous speaker and author. And who can forget Ray Charles, one of the most famous rhythm and blues performers of his generation? Many declared that Ray was a genius. His life was so interesting and successful that it was later turned into a Hollywood movie starring Jamie Foxx, which ultimately won Foxx the 2004 Academy Award for his performance.

      Above are just a few examples of some amazing handicapped people who overcame great obstacles to accomplish incredible things. They would rather fight fate than lie prostrate at the feet of misfortune. We tend to think of famous or successful people as having it easy in life, or that they somehow got lucky, or are even favored by fate. We admire them for what they have or for what they have accomplished and sometimes wish we were just like them. The truth, however, is often very different from what we imagine. When I think of these people, I wonder how I can ever fail at anything, when these people have accomplished far more, and have had to overcome handicaps, which I can’t even imagine. You might say their handicaps were their friend, as many had to learn to live in a world with no light, sound, or without the ability to walk, speak, or move normally. I think the one thing that made these people great is that they all believed in themselves, they did not bow to fate and they all had a willingness to succeed. The next time you feel like a failure in business, relationships, or life, think of those less fortunate that have accomplished great things. They are fighters, not scared by fate. They win the tug-of-war of fighting fate.