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1.be in great distress 很难过                  be in trouble 遇到麻烦
2.brood over 闷闷不乐                           dejected 沮丧的
3.depressed 压抑的                               a word of comfort 安慰话
4.mental 精神上的                                 anxiety焦虑
5.relaxation 放松                                   distress 极大的痛苦,悲伤
6. reassure 消除某人的恐惧或忧虑       concern 担心,忧虑
7.positive/active 积极的                         negative/passive 消极的
8.considerate 体贴的,细心的              confidence 信心
9.be in low spirits 萎靡不振                 pour out/forth 倾诉

1) There’s no need to get upset about that. 不必为此不安。
2) There’s no point in worrying about it. 用不着为此担心。
3) Chin up, life goes on. 别灰心,还有机会的。
4) There’s really no reason to be worried about your English.
5) You need have no fears about that. 你不必为此担心。
6) I do feel sorry for him. 我真为他难过。
7) I feel pity for the old man. 我可怜这位老人。
8) I am deeply sorry to learn about the accident.
  9)  Please accept my condolences on your cousin’s death.

You look down. 你看起来很消沉。
You look depressed. 你看起来很沮丧。
Is something wrong with you? 有什么不对劲吗?
What’s the matter?
What’s wrong?
What is it with you?
Is everything OK? 一切还好吧?
Did I hurt your feelings? 我是不是伤了你的感情?
What’s bugging you? 你有什么烦恼吗?
Why do you look so worried? 你为何愁眉不展呢?

I quite understand. 我很理解。
I’m sorry for you. 我为你难过。
I feel pity for you.
I’m really sorry to hear that. 听到这个情况,我非常难过。
I’m full of sympathy for them. 我对他们充满的同情。
Please extend my sympathy to the family. 请向全家致以我的同情。
You have my sympathy。 我同情你。
You must be feeling terrible. 你一定觉得很不好受吧
I am most upset to hear about her bad luck. 我知道这是什么感受。
I am most upset to hear about her bad luck. 听说她的不幸我深感不安。
I was most distressed to learn about that. 得悉此事我很感伤。
Please accept my heartfelt condolences. 请接受我诚挚的慰问。
Don’t feel bad. It happens to us all. 别难过。这种事我们大家都是难免的
Don’t worry, all will turn out right. 别担心,一切都会好的。
I shouldn’t get upset, if I were you. 如果我是你,我就不会心烦意乱。
It really isn’t worth mentioning. 这确实不值一提。
There’s no need for you to worry in the least. 你一点儿也不必担心。
You mustn’t upset yourself. 你不要让自己感到不安。
Be calm and take things as they come. 冷静些,事情既然这样了,就随它去吧。
Don’t eat your heart out. 不要忧伤过度。
Don’t give it a second thought. 别再去想它了
Don’t eat your heart out. 不要忧伤过度
Don’t take it too hard. 别太想不开。
It’s all over now. 现在已全都过去了。
Never mind. It’s not the end of the world. 没关系,这不是什么大不了的事。
Pull yourself together. 镇定些吧。
Don’t be depressed. 别难过了。
Don’t let it bother you. 不要烦恼了!
No hard feelings. 别放在心上了!
Don’t feel so bad. 别这样伤心嘛!
Don’t worry about it. 别担心了!
You’re wearing yourself out. 你就这样折磨自己嘛!
It’s all in your mind. 看你自己怎么想了。   
I believe (that) your fears were unnecessary. 我相信你的担心是多余的。
Relax. It’s nothing at all. 放心吧。这根本没什么。
There, there. 好啦,好啦。
You were just unlucky. 你只是运气不好。
There’s really no reason to be worried. 确实没有理由担心。
It could happen to anyone.这种事谁都有可能发生的。
Buck up, son! 振作起来,孩子!
Cheer up! 振作起来!
Pull yourself together.
Have faith! It’ll be all right in the end. 要有信心!结果不会有事的。
Try to look on the bright side of things. 尽量朝好的方面看吧。
Look on the bright side. 往好处想吧!
I’m on your side. 我支持你。
A: Hey, jim. Why the long face        A: 嘿,吉姆。怎么啦?拉着个臭脸?
B: It’s difficult to explain.            B: 很难解释。
A: Try me.                        A: 快告诉我吧。
B: Well, I had a terrible day at work.    B:嗯,今天工作很不愉快。我在
I’m thinking of quitting my job.         考虑要辞职。
A: Take it easy! Maybe tomorrow      A: 放轻松!也许明天你的想法
will be different.                      又不一样了。
B: I don’t know. I can’t stand my       B: 我也不知道。最近我总觉得我的工作令人
job these days.                        难以忍受。
A: Cheer up. I hope you’ll feel         A: 开心点儿。希望你快点开心起来。
   better soon.    

A: Kate, can you believe it? I was fired.  A: 凯特,你能相信吗?我被解雇了。
B: Oh, I’m really sorry to hear that.     B: 哎,这件事我真为你难过。
A: I’d worked for that company for fifteen A:我为那家公司干了15年了。
  years. I thought my work had been      我原以为我的工作很受重视呢。现在我知道了,
  valued. But now I know they didn’t care. 他们根本不把我当回事。
B: I sympathize with you. But it’s not the end B: 我真同情你。但这不是世界末日。
 of the world. Pull yourself together! with      振作起来!以你的经验,许多公司
 your experience, I’m sure many firms        肯定会非常高兴接纳你的。
 would be only too glad to have you.
 A: I’m not so sure about that. With the       A: 萧条情况看,这事恐怕比你想得要难。
   depression going on, it might be more
   difficult that you think.
B: Don’t take it too hard. Your expertise       B: 别太想不开。你的专长对这一行业的任何一
  would be valuable to any firm in the business.  家公司都会非常有价值的。

A: What’s the matter? You look sad.        A:怎么了?你看起来很不好。
B: My car has broken down.              B: 我的车坏了。
A: Oh, what bad luck!                   A: 哦,运气真不好!
B: They tell me it needs a new engine.      B: 他们告诉我需要一个新的发动机。
A: Oh, no! It’ll cost you a large sum of money. B: 哦,不!这将花你一大比钱。
B: Yes,over$800, I believe. I might have been  B: 是的,我相信得超过800美元,我觉得就像
killed.                                   被杀了一样。
A: Come on! Cheer up! It’s not the end of the world  A:这样!振作起来!这还没有到世界末日。

  在劝告对方别担忧时,要说“Don’t worry”, 或”Don’t be afraid”,同时要鼓励对方,如“You can do it!” “Come on!”